To verify Java version: To check for old versions of Java (with security flaws) and uninstall them:

Absolute cell reference To lock down the reference to a cell, so that it doesn’t change when you drag and drop a formula: Use: $A$1 This also works for Calc […]

Based on a talk given at the Dunedin Spiritualist Church on 5th June 2005. Introduction Hi everyone. Earlier this year Jay Ray (whom some of you will know from the […]

Note: The following article was the second of two research assignments as part of 2nd Year Psychosynthesis in 2003. The question was: “In 1500 The Great Peacemaker, Deganawidah of the […]

Problem: You’ve finished cutting your video into segments and realize that you didn’t deinterlace the source video first. Solution: Open the Adobe Premiere project file in a text editor such […]

Dangerous Creatures New Zealand

New Zealand’s Dangerous Creatures Playing Cards I recently found this deck of playing cards for sale in a ‘dollar’ store here in New Zealand. So while the cards pass the […]