Removing referral spam from Google Analytics

Referral spam, also known as ghost spam, is fake traffic that never actually goes to your website, but ‘hits’ are logged directly to the Google Analytics server. There are various ways of blocking it, but an easy solution is to set up a segment that strips it out of the reports.

ghost spam segment
Set up a segment to exclude ghost spam referral domains from your Google Analytics sessions

Here is a list of fake traffic domains gathered from various Google Analytics accounts:||||||||||||||||||||||||||||best-seo-offer|best-seo-solution|buttons-for-website|buttons-for-your-website|7makemoneyonline|-musicas*-gratis|kambasoft|savetubevideo|ranksonic|medispainstitute|offers.bycontext|100dollars-seo|sitevaluation

List last updated: 19 August 2015

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