WordPress Plugins & Plugin Development

I am currently in the process of developing some WordPress plugins. As I complete them, they will be linked from this page.

  • Simple Table System – This is under development and will start out as a very simple two column table layout, with the data stored in a database. The rows will have drag and drop functionality for ordering the items. The generated table will be CSS ready to allow easy design customization.

WordPress Plugin Development

The following plugins are for plugin development research and practice. They are not intended to serve any purpose on a live website. The functionality of each plugin is generally limited, with the aim of demonstrating a particular aspect of plugin design. These plugins are suitable for beginners who need to learn the basic functionality of WordPress plugin development. A lot of my research is based on reverse engineering existing plugins to see how they perform a particular task. In the future I plan to release a mega plugin that hooks into many common areas, so that these functions are available all in one place.

Learn WordPress Development

If you would like to learn more about WordPress development and WordPress plugin development, then I recommend the following books:

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